Welcome to Surefly Ltd


We are a family run business which started primarily rearing pheasants, partridge and duck. We have spent the last 6 years developing the ideal rearing pen and now as of 2011 these pens are now at a high standard to be sold.

We currently have a closed flock of ring neck pheasents and incubate these ourselves to provide a all round high flying and hardy bird. Currently the French partridge are sourced in the UK as day old and we rear them to a standard 12 weeks or more for individual customer needs.
The malard are also sourced in the UK and reared to a standard 5 weeks, with the option of extra age to the customer needs.

The pens are designed around the birds welfare and ease of use for producer, because in my opinion, things need to be easy to us as possible to maximise time, the sheds are all moved with a telehandler, which makes setting the rearing field up extreamly efficient.

Every brooder and shelter pen can be lifted by the telehandler to put into place using our simple rig, requirments for the telehandler are a 7m boom and 3T lift as the brooder weighs 1.2T