Double Brooder
overall length 24ft 6”
overall width 20ft
internal 12x20ft times 2



Double shelter pen
Overall length 24ft 6”
overall width 20ft
internal 12x20ft times 2




Single shelter pen
overall length 12ft 3”
overall width 20ft
internal 12x20ft



All the steel is made of 40 x 40 x2mm box section welded joints, painted primed and top coat to ensure a lifetimes use. All the composite panel are made onsite using a white polyester and juniper green plastic coated outer in steel .5mm with a 40mm super firm polystyrene inner for insulation. These panel are then tech screwed to the box section giving you a sectional construction. The roof has the same white insulated inner but with standard box profile roof sheets on top, which are made of a .7 plastic coated steel sheet for extra strength to enable easy fixing and access to the lifting eyes when moving the sheds.
The sheds are lifted in 3 points which distributes the weight, giving less strain on the lifting rig and the telehandler also helps in alignment when setting a rearing a field up. The rigs are available to buy at very competative prices which include chains and D-links to move the sheds so you don’t have to build your own.

Extra Design Options
Doors both side of the shed
Perminant option rather than mobile (small saving in cost)

Semi Detached - Double brooder with 2x single shelter pens  (1x at each end)

Terrace - Most cost effective and infinate in length, needs 2x single shelter pens at each end of the line, with double brooders and double shelter pens. Also reduces land wasteage with no grass inbetween pens.inder

Terrace System